Diversity and Inclusion: a business necessity

We draw our performance from the diverse mosaic of our talents. We consider the fostering of diversity and inclusion not only as a moral imperative but also as a business necessity, particularly in China, such a diversified market. Through partnerships, awareness programs and actions such as employment, mentoring, promotions and networks, we advocate a culture that embraces differences and celebrates unique talents.

The inclusion of people with disabilities at workplace is a major issue worldwide.

In China, we work with the local governments and have employed 61 persons with disabilities since 2013. It is demonstrated that with strong commitments, better awareness and dialogue, we can find collective solutions that make us stronger, more innovative and better at what we do.

Creating jobs opportunities for people with disabilities
























Sodexo ranked by DiversityInc 2013

Sodexo recognized by DiversityInc as #1 company on its 2013 Top 50 Companies for Diversity list for an unprecedented second time in four years.