Health and Harmony: A Recipe for Happier Employees _ Sodexo's Integrated Health Management Services

Sodexo China pioneered its health management project in 2008. Since then, we have been using our experience and expertise to bring customized health management services to our clients. An increasing number of corporations, including some of the world's top pharmaceutical companies, state-owned enterprises, and Internet businesses, now entrust Sodexo as the "guardian" of their employees' health.

We differ from single-service suppliers, such as gyms, yoga classes, and diet planners, because we can provide an integrated range of health management options. These include gyms, beauty salons and massage facilities, various activities, outdoor programs, group exercise classes, hiking and much more. In recent years, a number of services that offer customized health education, participation, and self-motivation, have been added to the list that Sodexo can offer.


Sodexo believes that a person can only be physically and mentally healthy when he or she is in a relaxed and harmonious state. This can be achieved through a combination of good health, satisfying relationships and a sense of purpose. If a person can perceive the world through these elements, it can be easier to understand the world in which they live.

In its first health management project, Sodexo China designed health plans through consultations, communication, and management, helping the client's employees to "embark on a journey of health". The resulting program included a massage and therapy center, a gym, indoor entertainment facilities, one-on-one exercise programs and working mother services. Sodexo interacted closely with the client's employees through member recruitment, and helped them to harmonize their physical and mental state in their workplace. This holistic project was brought about by innovation and achieved effectiveness; the result was an increase in the client's employee satisfaction rate of almost 15%.


According to Gordon CHUNG, Lifestyle Services Director, Asia Pacific, Sodexo "Such comprehensive and customized developments enable Sodexo's efforts to focus on employees' physical and mental health. We integrate a range of services and projects to provide solutions to clients by calling on the expertise we have accumulated over years."

For instance, the "Mindful" offer features "let’s be Mindful to gain more energy" and aims to boost people's confidence, energy, and happiness. The first "Mindful Space" was built in a well-known Chinese e-business HQ. In the spring of 2016, Sodexo and its client jointly launched a “Weight Loss Training Camp”, with coaches offering one-on-one exercise and diet guidance. The Sodexo team managed to help employees achieve their weight loss targets–the most being 8.5kg in one month–through customized training plans and sharing their experiences.



The "Mindful" philosophy is not only applied in the gym, but also in the workplace. Innovations such as exercises during break time, walking trails, and treadmill-mounted office desks are changing employees' health habits almost without them knowing. In the meantime, as a provider of catering services with over five decades of experience, Sodexo also extends its business to health-related nutrition topics, and they have been attracting increasing attention in the market in recent years.

Annie WANG, Sodexo China’s Dietician, has expanded her services to the workplace and other fields in recent years, offering an "Eat Well Plate" and "Food Traffic Lights" among other lively healthy eating suggestions. She provides calorie-controlled solutions for the gyms, and offers interactive activity suggestions and training consultation programs based on clients' specific health and nutrition demands.

"The interaction we create can help consumers to cultivate healthy eating habits and attitudes, and balance their daily calorie consumption,” Annie said. “This helps them individually to manage their health using these daily tools while achieving personal and business health management targets."


Corporations have become increasingly aware of the importance of employees' health and wellness and its effect on business performance. Gordon added, "After companies experienced a basic employee health management program, Sodexo's operation and services allow them to further explore their own needs and be aware of the value of health management services. “Then the employees' health and happiness becomes an organic component in their business strategies. Besides, health management services can substantially reduce companies' medical insurance spending. In addition, healthy and happy employees are more productive, another key point for introducing health management services."


Gordon believes that the integrated health management services offered by Sodexo will become one of the key components of business strategies going forward, and Sodexo's successful case studies will contribute to workplace health in the future. "Chinese enterprises are increasingly aware of the consistency between employees' health and happiness, or quality of life, and business targets," he said.

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