Balancing cost, performance & risks

In an environment of increasing demand and increasingly tight budgets, it is more than ever that hospital managers are looking for solutions for maximizing efficiency, increased satisfaction while minimized risks and reduced costs. Asset management experience makes it possible for Sodexo to deliver on those counts.

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Minimized risks for maximum Quality of Life

Whatever measures taken will be ultimately focused on one objective: improving the Quality of Life of patients, visitors and health care professionals. Clearly, this included two main aspects. One is maintenance: ensuring assets are safe and ready to use. The other is lifecycle management, replacing assets at the optimum time for cost and performance. Be doing so, life-related facilities are running smoothly with risks to life minimized.

Maximized efficiency with reduced costs

Patients and their visitors aren’t the only ones who benefit from effective asset management. A well-maintained hospital is a positive working environment for health care professionals, to let them better focus on caring for and treating their patients.

A more efficient use of assets inevitably brings benefits to hospital managers. Key advantages are business continuity and an assurance that they can deliver on hospital policy and objectives. Accurate prediction of that investment point via lifecycle management can save up to 20% of the asset’s total cost over its lifetime.

Health care provision is a complex task. For every decision, hospital managers must weigh up 3 key factors – cost, performance and risk. Effective asset management finds the right balance among all three.


Sodexo helps find the right balance among cost, performance and risk

Central Manchester University Hospital Foundation Trust, one of the largest hospital complexes in Europe, is one example of how this works in practice. Sodexo manages over 500,000 assets and provides 24/7 technical services covering five acute and non-acute hospitals within this campus. The types of assets range from patient care items, such as hoists, dental chairs and specialist beds, to medical equipment such as blood, drug and chemical fridges, fume cabinets and liquid nitrogen equipment. They also include building-related assets like elevators and ventilation systems. By carrying out a robust risk assessment and optimizing the maintenance strategy, it has been possible to reduce the number of potential incidents that would have interrupted the continuity of service. 




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