Improving Patient Satisfaction

Hospitals aren't just places where diseases are diagnosed and treated. At the core of every process is the care of patients, underpinning which is the professional services, comfortable and nurturing environment, and emotional care from their loved ones.

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Bearing this in mind, Sodexo has developed tremendous expertise in providing customized solutions to  improve the satisfaction of patients and their families, and to enhance the efficiency and reputation of our clients.

4 Steps to Better Quality of Life for Patients:


A friendly welcome and help with orientation are two steps that can reduce patient stress. Right from check-in, Sodexo’s human touch provides warmth and guidance that accompany patients throughout the course of their care.


Meals are one way to help improve the well-being of patients and foster a speedy recovery. As the world's largest private employer of dieticians, Sodexo has developed a range of customized options with both menu content and delivery mode adapted to the nutritional requirements and preferences of patients.

Privacy and dignity

Hygiene, clean linen, and minimal noises and smells all are vital aspects of well-being. The patient’s belongings need care; the patient's privacy is worthy of respect. Based on extensive research and observations in health care settings, Sodexo has developed specific behavioral training in understanding patient habits and vulnerabilities, embedding a culture of compassion and respect.


Attentiveness to air quality, temperature, and cleanliness is not only a mark of respect; it can also sharply reduce risk for vulnerable patients. Sodexo’s procedures for cleaning and disinfection adhere to the strictest standards in the industry.

3 Steps to Better Quality of Life for Loved Ones:

  • Receiving, informing and guiding visitors with ease.

  • Providing a welcoming environment so visits are enjoyable.

  • Creating conditions for privacy so parents can play with their children, spouses spend time with each other, and families share a quiet moment in a friendly setting.



Read how Sodexo helped set up China's first in-patient, high nutritional meals information management IT solutions and why that hospital ranked first in the patient satisfaction survey of all medical institutions in Shanghai

In China, the Shanghai First People’s Hospital was challenged with the efficient serving of up to 2100 nutritionally-customized meals to 700 in-patients per day.

In 2013, Sodexo combined dietician-tailored, nutritionally balanced personalized rehabilitation food services with a software program creating China’s first inpatient, integrated Hospital IT solutions and system.

In the same year, patients’ satisfaction rate increased to over 85%. Shanghai First People's Hospital also ranked first in the Shanghai Health Bureau patient satisfaction survey of all medical institutions in Shanghai.

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