Wellbeing at Work

Today, wellbeing is much more than a trend. It’s a critical part of everyone’s life and key to how a business can thrive by helping its people feel good and function at their best.

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Sodexo understands that people are fundamental to successful business.
To meet their expectations, Sodexo provides comprehensive and integrated solutions covering a wide range of services:

Concierge Services

With the increasingly faster pace of daily life, it becomes harder and harder to draw the line between work and life. Our Concierge Services make life simpler by taking care of everyday tasks such as making reservations, getting a visa or having clothes dry cleaned. Our services take the stress out of daily life, leaving employees free to focus on their work.

Fitness Programs

Staying fit is essential to a balanced life and the feeling of serenity and well being that go with it. Sodexo designs and manages in-house Fitness Programs and facilities such as weight rooms and spas. Our offerings include customized fitness training and coaches in the workplace or at home.


Eating is an essential part of daily life as well as in the Chinese culture. We associate mealtime with pleasure, friendly conversation and, of course, good health. With this in mind, Sodexo offers a full array of customizable Foodservice formulas.

Space Design

Companies grow and transform as the years go by. Their business activities evolve, along with their space and equipment requirements. To accommodate their growth, our Space Design experts support them at every stage of relocating or reconfiguring workspaces to match the changing business needs.


Improving the Quality of Life for Scientists

The communications industry usually possesses lots of experts and talents who shoulder the mission of improving Chinese consumers’ quality of life. In turn, how to improve the daily life for the scientists to ensure they’re dedicated to technology research and development? This question comes to one of industry giant of the communications industry in China. As the giant’s long-term partner, Sodexo nurtures the quality of life of these scientists via its integrated facility management expertise with its client.


Integrated quality of Life services assist client to be a one of China’s Top Employers

How to implement an holistic, seamless transition and management of 600 employees from a downtown Shanghai office building to their own brand new facility in the faraway suburbs – six months before the big move?
This means their employees’ daily business operations a safe, healthy and environmentally conscious workplace, top quality and cost-efficient services, clear and effective internal communications, responsive actions to feedback, and a thriving company culture. This was the challenge facing Sodexo.
By customizing our integrated business process management system, we design, manage and deliver a full range of Quality of Life services covering 150+ processes across all service lines and 1,400+  work orders per month, to meet the needs and expectations of our clients’ employees quickly and efficiently. The end result was a move with 84% of consumers’ satisfaction and 98.9% admitting that Sodexo has met all their service requirements.
In 2012 and 2013, the independent Corporate Research Foundation certified our client as one of China’s Top Employers based on “ability to create optimal conditions for employees that enable them to reach their full potential and be of great value to their employer.”

Sodexo wellness, pioneering corporate wellness in China

With the necessity of relocation, talent retention had become a critical issue for Nokia. To tackle the challenge, aligned with client’s strategy and consumers’ anticipation, Sodexo developed a holistic wellness program integrated with designing, consulting, managing and delivering a wide range of innovative service solutions. The fully comprehensive wellness program, including wellness center, gym, and personalized wellness programs…is as effective as it is innovative: after the launch of “Wellness”, overall Nokia staff satisfaction grew from 84% to 98%.




2012Fortune world`s most admired companies

Sodexo named one of the “World’s Most Admired Companies” by Fortune Magazine