Enhancing Facilities

Reducing costs and improving operations are critically important to our clients. Sodexo brings efficiency of scale to both large and small organizations by deploying our depth of experience and global resources to help our clients make substantial cost savings whilst projecting a professional image.

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Asset Lifecycle Management

Improved service levels, standardized Asset Lifecycle Management, optimal use of human resources, a single point of contact for the entire portfolio, streamlined communications, well-trained workforce supported by local expertise and global best practice — these are just some of the benefits our clients experience.

Improving workplace setting

The workplace setting is important for employees and their quality of life and gives visitors a favorable image of the company. Sodexo designs, installs and maintains the entrance areas, inner courtyards, terraces and floral decoration of our partners to provide aesthetically appealing areas for people to enjoy in every season.

Maintaining facilities and equipment

Company buildings are becoming increasingly sophisticated, with complex, built-in technologies. Their upkeep requires a high degree of technical knowledge in areas as varied as climate engineering, elevators, electricity and information systems. Armed with these multiple skills, Sodexo has developed cutting-edge expertise in maintaining facilities and equipment and ensuring they work properly, which is essential for the smooth operation of every company.


Sodexo improved the organizational efficiency for client through cost saving facilities management

In creating solutions to Nokia China BDA and meeting the challenges on budget reduction and efficiency optimization, Sodexo designed a set of optimized maintenance programs to avoid unnecessary waste, while improving business efficiency. Not only did this project protect critical assets, but it also resulted in an annual saving of nearly 650,000 RMB to Nokia in maintenance costs.  Moreover, 14 electricity saving and 5 water saving programs were initiated, resulting in cost reduction in electricity by 1.14 million RMB and in water by 140,000 RMB.

Enabling Research & Development Innovation

To tackle Lilly’s challenge of ensuring a complete and fully operational new R&D center within 3 and half months, we drew on our global expertise and brought in engineers from the UK to Shanghai; set up a world class and integrated work management system tailored specific to the R&D center and created a business contingency plan to ensure the operational continuity in case of emergencies. The challenge was not only met but in a satisfaction appraisal rating after completion: the staff scored it a much enhanced rate of 93%. Moreover, with Sodexo at its helm, the R&D center was considered compliant after three global audits in just two years after it began operations.
In recognizing Sodexo’s high quality service, Lilly presented us the COO Special Recognition Reward and has high expectations for the future of the strategic partnership.




2012Fortune world`s most admired companies

Sodexo named one of the “World’s Most Admired Companies” by Fortune Magazine

Insight : Doing our bit to improve R&D productivity

Doing our bit to improve R&D productivity

"Innovation is not an easy job. The productivity of innovation has become a universal challenge for the pharmaceutical industry..."