The health and safety of our employees, clients and consumers is of the utmost importance.

We believe that accidents are preventable and have committed to embracing a zero harm mindset. We believe the best way to do this is by creating a culture of safety where injuries and ill health are avoided. There are many ways in which we do this:

Embedding health and safety – Our philosophy is to design health and safety into all we do, including how we recruit people, how we buy products, how we sell services and how we operate our business.

Talking about health and safety - We make safety part of our everyday conversations with our teams. We highlight safety at the start of every single company meeting or gathering, so there are teachable moments happening every day, everywhere.

Looking for opportunities to improve health and safety - We invest the time and resources to understand the hazards and risks that we face in our work and we prioritise our resources on managing the biggest risks first.  We walk the floor and take the time to talk about improving health and safety at the point of work. We commit to continually improving our safety performance, which means that everyone is committed to a common plan of action to improve and plays their role.

Practicing and modelling health and safety - We know behaviour needs to be learned, practiced, tested, encouraged and shared. Behaviours spread from person to person and can either inoculate or weaken an organization as a whole.

Taking safety seriously - We recognise and reward good health and safety performance. We hold ourselves accountable and every employee is required to understand and sign their written health and safety responsibilities. Part of our mission is to be safe, and we truly care for people and their safety.

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