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As the world leader in Quality of Life services, we are committed to deepening our understanding of how Quality of Life is perceived. Whether at universities, in hospitals, on offshore sites, or in small, medium or big companies, our studies allow us to better assess our consumers’ and clients’ needs. Furthermore, they help us provide integrated and complete offers of innovative services that contribute to the well-being of individuals improve their effectiveness and help companies and organizations enhance their performance.

2018 Sodexo University Trends Report

The demographics, needs, expectations and behaviors of university students are changing, and along with them the campus environment. We worked with the Sodexo Institute for Quality of Life and a global panel of higher-education experts to identify and understand five key trends shaping the future of the student experience, and how universities are evolving in response.

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2018 Global Workplace Trends Report

In the 2018 iteration of the Global Workplace Trends, our 7th edition, we looked at seven trends driving organizational change. While these trends cover a broad range of topics, they are deeply interconnected and possess a clear unifying theme: the need for collective intelligence across all workplace domains.


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2017 Global Workplace Trends Report

Our new report shows that connectivity, innovations and uncertainty are rewriting the rules of the workplace; next-generation working styles are being defined by individuality, inclusiveness and techno-literacy; and we can expect to see more robots as colleagues.


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International University Lifestyle Survey

Sodexo has conducted a UK University Lifestyle Survey biennially since April 2004, identifying and tracking trends in key non-academic areas of university life as experienced by undergraduate students. For the first time in its 14 year history, in response to a more global higher education sector, we have conducted the survey on a worldwide basis, polling over 4,000 students in six countries around the world (China, India, Italy, Spain, the UK and the USA).




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