Creating Engaged Caregivers

Many hospitals and health care institutions struggle to find dedicated health professionals and those that do often have difficulty keeping them. High staff turn over not only affects the team morale but having to constantly replace and train employees for little return is a heavy expense for already financially burdened health care institutions.

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As the word's leading provider of quality of life services provider, we understand the well being of employees is paramount to success. Our innovative, customized service solutions specially targeting hospital staff will help on releasing the work pressure, and improve wellbeing both mindfully and physically:

  • Guaranteeing that functioning medical equipment is the right place at the right time.

  • Using a single provider to integrate processes. This optimizes interaction, reduces time lost, and ensures clarity and accountability.

  • Enhancing employee benefits and services to alleviate pressures that can affect work-life balance. Sodexo’s programs –expressly tailored health care professionals – improve motivation, enhance the attractiveness of hospitals, and help reduce employee turnover.


Facilitating Professional Healthcare Management - Providing healthy and comfortable Quality of Life services to healthcare workers

In 2016, Tongren Hospital affiliated to Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine ("Shanghai Tongren Hospital") joined hands with Sodexo in trying to solve the “head-scratching problems” faced by the Chinese medical industry, as well as promote "efficient healthcare administration".

After nearly three years of cooperation and research, Shanghai Tongren Hospital and Sodexo formulated an integrated “Quality of Life services” solution exclusive to the healthcare industry, covering a series of integrated facilities management projects ranging from renovating hospital restaurants to building a "workers’ home". Other upgrades include better management of the new medical students’ dormitory.



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Customized Quality of Life service assist client in retaining care professionals and improve operational efficiency

In line with the specific requirements of Wuhan University People's Hospital on staff retention and performance improvement, Sodexo designed a specialized and comprehensive catering services for the hospital for more than 3,500 consumers per day. The type of services range from a large variety of nutritionally-balanced food to optimizing facilities and supply chain management backed up by Sodexo’s professional experts and history-proven experience as well as customized services conforming to the hospital’s specific needs.

All of these measures are ultimately focused on one objective: improving the Quality of Life of care professionals, thus on the improvement of the hospital’s reputation and performance enhancement. What is worth mentioning is one month after opening, the hospital’s on site staff restaurant was awarded "hygiene A-class qualification" by Hubei Province Food and Drug Administration.




2013 TOP 50 Companies in Food Logistics

Sodexo Named as the 2013 Top 50 Companies  in the Food Logistics Industry of China