Sectors we serve

We help companies deliver a great workplace experience in a wide range of industries, by understanding their specific challenges and offering the right solutions.

Scientists in full body protective suits looking in to microscopes

Professional Services: Attracting and inspiring professionals

Top professionals are in high demand. We help employers keep them engaged, inspired and motivated. How do we do it? By designing the workplace around their individual needs, and integrating technology that lets them seamlessly balance work and home life. It’s all about quality of life.

Co-workers looking at sheets of paper together and smiling

Pharmaceuticals & Life Sciences: A leading edge formula

Pharma is under pressure. Development costs are rising and administrative tasks are eating into scientists’ lab time. It’s time for a new formula—an agile, innovative lab of the future. Where scientists can focus on vital research, collaboration is encouraged, and creativity thrives.

variety of working spaces support all styles of working

Technology: Ahead of the innovation curve

The future tech workplace will be shaped by digital natives. New generations expect technology to define the way they work and integrate with every workplace touchpoint. Sodexo puts digital solutions at the heart of our services. It’s all about improving the workplace experience.

Co-workers looking at sheets of paper together and smiling

Communications & Media: Exceeding employee expectations

People ask for more from their employers than just a salary. They want to work for companies that have integrity and a strong sense of corporate responsibility. Or solutions deliver creative and innovative workplaces that encourage employees to take part in world-changing initiatives.

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FMCG: Be the employer of choice

To help organisations attract the best future talents, we know it’s crucial to understand what motivates Millennials and Gen Z and build an engaging workplace around them. All the while ensuring quality and cultural sensitivity across your offices worldwide.

Financial Services

Banking & Finance: Getting the balance right

Financial services organisations are tightly regulated. How do you balance compliance with flexibility? Add services to increase agility and reduce risk. Improve everyone’s quality of life. Re-think and reimagine all aspects of the workplace. We show care for employees by examining the tiny details, from reception facilities and food services to general maintenance.