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Sodexo participates in the China Campus Logistics Exhibition and releases insight reports on lifestyle of Chinese students at universities

November 10, 2020

Sodexo, a global leader in quality of life services, participated in the 2020 China Campus Logistics Exhibition (CCLE) in Shanghai, showcasing its professional solutions in catering and facilities management for universities, and released an insight report on the lifestyle of Chinese students at universities.

Combining the best of institutional catering and the most popular high street food concepts

In this exhibition, Sodexo proudly introduced Smart Eatery, a catering offer which combines the best of institutional catering and the most popular high street food concepts.

Smart Eatery provides an innovative, high-quality and unique dining experience, ensures the healthy balance at an affordable price and fuels university students’ performance & wellbeing by a seamless blend of online and offline technologies, which will definitely contribute to the new trend of smart dinning on campus.

Adrian Copeland, Segment Director of Education, Sodexo China said: “Universities are among Sodexo’s most focused business segments. Sodexo has been committed in providing integrated services to improve students’ life experience on campus, including facilities, accommodation, waste management, energy saving, healthy food and catering.”


Focusing on students’ life at universities and improving quality of life on campus

During the exhibition, Sodexo released insight reports from its online surveys for Chinese students at universities – “Student Lifestyle Report –China” and “Student Lifestyle: Pre vs During Covid-19 Report”. The two surveys were collaboratively conducted by YouthSight, a professional youth insight agency.

The two insight reports focused respectively on the four key stages of university students' journey from school selection, integration, student life to career selection, and the impact of the Covid-19 on the needs, changes in values and lifestyles of college students.


Student Lifestyle Report – China

  • Chinese students are now looking to see what universities offer beyond expected facilities. They are taking into account social life, catering facilities and opportunities for part-time jobs
  • A large proportion of Chinese students care about having catering facilities that are suitable for special diets or dietary preferences, and are willing to pay more for most options versus
  • Chinese students are recalling accommodation services which they use regularly and associate with socializing or working on their own physical wellbeing.

Click here to downlod the report


Student Lifestyle: Pre vs During Covid-19 Report

  • While still concerned with having an active social life and good study facilities, Chinese students’ priority is having contactless dining services. The cost of living is also on their minds, and as a result more are choosing to live at home
  • Chinese students would want reduced capacity in all communal spaces, as well as frequent sanitation and disinfection procedures. Maintaining social distancing and upkeeping a sanitised environment is the priority for Chinese students, much more so than returning to in-person classes
  • Chinese students are feeling more concerned about support from university on their life, study and career selection during the COVID-19 pandemic

Click here to download the report

The university is not only a place of knowledge learning for students, but also the cradle of their personal development. Based on its business perspective, Sodexo’s research and analysis on the quality of life for university students will provide valuable market insights for the future services and needs of university students.

To learn more about “Student Lifestyle Report –China” and “Student Lifestyle: Pre vs During Covid-19 Report”, please visit and download the full report on University.

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