Sodexo, a global leader in Quality of Life, worked with Corporate Real Estate(CRE) and Facility Management (FM) to hold an International Talents Summit, themed ‘Concerted Future, Talents Matters’. A keynote report entitled “CRE&FM Talents Sustainability Ecology” was released at the end.

Shanghai, January 11, 2021. Sodexo, a global leader in Quality of Life, worked with Corporate Real Estate(CRE) and Facility Management (FM) to hold an International Talents Summit, themed ‘Concerted Future, Talents Matters’. A keynote report entitled “CRE&FM Talents Sustainability Ecology” was released at the end.

Representatives from universities, companies, FM Professional Union, and specialists in related fields attended the forum. They discussed the development vision of facilities management personnel and how to promote the practice of talents development in China. The CRE and FM Professional Union also launched the CRE&FM Youth Talent Empowerment Programme during the Forum.

CRE&FM service industry belongs to a new professional subdivision in the service sector. It is designed to value the quality of life in various sites including workplaces, schools, hospitals and any public or commercial facilities.  It hopes to provide diversified professional services in creating a functional, comfortable, secure and productive environment.

Jane Yan, HR Director, Sodexo Greater China spoke in a keynote speech entitled “China, the frontier of future international CRE&FM talents”. In her speech, she stressed that: “today, digitalization and the service sector are getting more integrated, and the CRE&FM service is expanding its business more now than ever before and that government, enterprises, associations, universities, industry leagues, and leading companies should work together to boost a long-term mechanism of industry talent training.”

The Keynote Report summarized the changes in the FM industry over the past decade as China’s economy grows and highlighted the evolving workplace and emerging needs in the post-epidemic era. It also discussed the challenges and opportunities in talents to serve these workplaces or organizations.

  • High-level CRE&FM can effectively help companies create the best workplaces and attract talent to stay. It also can improve the efficiency of public facilities operation and the user experience. Besides, more job opportunities will be created. In this way, it desires to make sure a sustainable green economy.
  • 95% of the interviewees commented that talents have become more professional and the executives have become more connected with local reality in the past decade. The role of CRE&FM in the organization has gradually shifted from a subordinate position to a strategic partner. It is more closely integrated with the organization, culture, and strategy.
  • The personalization in workplace health and well-being have gradually become prevailing among employee productivity and happiness in recent years, especially in the post-epidemic era. This has also led CRE&FM to focus more on the improvement strategy of workplace experience.
  • The CRE&FM industry is in urgent need of all forces to build a comprehensive talent training ecosystem from talent standards, training models, resource linkages etc. to create a new model of talent education and training; to actively play the role of Industry-University-Research collaboration and to promote a long-term mechanism for industry talent training.

Professor Cao Jiming, doctoral advisor in the School of Economics and Management of Tongji University, and Chair of the Company Real Estate (CRE) and Facilities Management (FM) Professional Union said: “ No matter if it is the owner or supplier, talents also come first in the development of today’s CRE&FM industry, and talents also restrict the development direction and speed of future CRE&FM.’’

The integration, professionalism and the depth and breadth of  business in CRE&FM have far exceeded our traditional way of thinking and practices. This results in an urgent need for a large number of high-quality young professionals with knowledge of technology, economy, management and law to be part of it. It is also imperative to gather the Industry-University-Research forces to build an all-round CRE&FM talent training ecosystem. The "CRE&FM Young Talent Empowerment Program" launched at this summit is a useful exploration."

Martin Boden, President, Sodexo Greater China  said: “Facilities management is a booming industry in China. Sodexo has been in China for 25 years and has witnessed the rapid development of the integrated facilities management industry within China. Sodexo actively introduces advanced professional standards and systems of facility management from overseas, and adapts these methods to suit the Chinese market. We have trained a large number of talented Chinese staff who all provide quality of life services for clients from all different industries. We believe that China will become a world leader for global enterprises in corporate real estate and facilities management.”

In order to promote the talents development in the CRE&FM industry and enhance the capability of young personnel, the summit also arranged the appointment ceremony of the "CRE&FM Youth Talent Empowerment Program". Professional managers in league with rich experience and high profession are appointed as "professional advisors" to offer individualized support and guidance on CRE&FM development with an aim to create a young generation of industry leaders.


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