About us

Our positioning makes us unique in the service industry. Relying on the diverse talents of our locally-based teams, Sodexo is the only company to design, manage and deliver a comprehensive offer of On-site Services, Benefits & Rewards Services and Personal & Home Services that contribute to improving the Quality of Life of our consumers and clients. 

Sodexo China has 16,000 people at over 600 sites providing a myriad of services to meet our client’s complex needs across the spectrum of corporate, education, health care and senior citizen care.

Wherever we work, our dedication to making every day a better day for individuals and organizations comes from one goal - to positively improve Quality of Life. Improving Quality of Life for our clients, our consumers and our staff, is our mission and commitment.

sodexo in china

Our services in China include:

On-site Services - range from construction management, reception and foodservice through to asset maintenance, security and grounds maintenance for our clients in offices, schools, hospitals, rest homes, manufacturing sites and hospitality events.

Benefits & Rewards Services -  include multi-retailer gift vouchers and public authority schemes.

Sodexo China Key Figures

1995 entered China
16,000 employees
600 sites
50 cities
Serving 735,000 consumers every day

Sodexo in brief FY2014

Invest 2 minutes to learn about Sodexo’s Quality of Life Services, its commitments and the Fiscal 2014 key figures.

Key Milestones in China

2014  Sodexo listed into Top 100 Foodservice Enterprises in China for 6 consecutive years.

2013  Sodexo Benefits & Rewards Services got the Prepaid Card Issuing & Accepting License covering Shanghai.

2007 Sodexo ranked 4th in IOC Global Outsourcing Top 30 released by International Outsourcing Center (IOC)

1999  Sodexo Benefits & Rewards Services entered in the Shanghai market

1995  Sodexo entered into China market by signing its first service contract in Shanghai