Sodexo is regularly awarded prizes and international recognition for its initiatives in a variety of areas ranging from services to human resources and environmental protection.

China Awards


Sodexo wins the Seven Star Award in Best Supply Chain Management by virtue of our comprehensive supply chain system, professional and highly-effective food safety and quality management capability.

Sodexo was included  in the list of  “Top 100 Foodservice Enterprises in China” for  6 consecutive years, reconfirming our leadership in foodservices.

Sodexo was included into the “2013 TOP 50 Companies in Food Logistics” by the Food Logistics Committee of China National Food Industry Association.

Sodexo was named one of “2012 TOP 20 Service Outsourcing Multinational Companies in China” and 1st in its class- Food and Facilities Management Services.

Sodexo was listed among "2013's Top 20 Group Meal Enterprises in China" by China Cuisine Association, an honor to Sodexo for its contribution in group meal services.

Sodexo was included in the “TOP 50 Service Outsourcing Providers in China 2010”, and ranked # 1 in its category – Food and Facilities Management Services.

Sodexo topped the list of “2010 Top 16 Collective
Foodservice Enterprises in China

Key Milestones in China

2014  Sodexo listed into Top 100 Foodservice Enterprises in China for 6 consecutive years.

2013  Sodexo Benefits & Rewards Services got the Prepaid Card Issuing & Accepting License covering Shanghai.

2007 Sodexo ranked 4th in IOC Global Outsourcing Top 30 released by International Outsourcing Center (IOC)

1999  Sodexo Benefits & Rewards Services entered in the Shanghai market

1995  Sodexo entered into China market by signing its first service contract in Shanghai

Sodexo in brief FY2014

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Sodexo China Key Figures

1995 entered China

16,000 employees

600 sites

50 cities

Serving 735,000 consumers every day