Quality and Reliability

Quality and Reliability: Nurturing the leaders of the future

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Healthy and safe eating is Sodexo’s top priority in its care for students, our leaders of the future. Our strictly supervised food chain supply management system carefully controls everything in our menus from farm to table, ensuring that every meal is not just fresh, natural and healthy, but complies with local and HACCP food safety standards and laws.


Sodexo’s open kitchen shows students how we keep their food safe

Sodexo’s open kitchen shows students how we keep their food safe

There is an international school in Shanghai where we serve Asian and Western food, to over 900 students. The students range in age from 18 months to 19 years and come from 65 nations. In 2015 we collaborated with the school staff and invited students to take a tour of our kitchen at the school.  The activity was called ‘From kitchen to our dining table’. We arranged about 50 students from 6-7 years old to take part in this activity. During the visit, the students learned the process the food had gone through before it was served to them. It was important to us that by seeing how the kitchen worked, they could understand the safety procedures that Sodexo has always followed. The activity not only provided students with the opportunity to learn something they wouldn’t find in their textbooks, but also helped them feel confident about eating at school.




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