Working in a “Glocal” environment

Sodexo is an international company with a wide geographical presence in 80 countries. But our business is actually very local, particularly for on-site services that represent 96% of our revenues. Promoting international mobility enables us to transfer expertise and best practices and create synergies for international clients. However, our development is deeply rooted in the local markets with the support of local people we work with.

Present on all five continents

Although we remain a French company by origin, we generate 85% of our total revenue outside of France. This provides employees with many international opportunities, cultural enrichment and the possibility to interact with colleagues from diverse backgrounds. For instance Sodexo Group Headquarters in Paris alone brings together 35 different nationalities.

Promoting international mobility

In the last 5 years, Sodexo has significantly reinforced international mobility for managers and senior executives in order to:

  • Grow and develop in global environment and better interact with global clients to address their specific needs;

  • Facilitate the transfer of expertise and best practices;

  • Develop synergies, foster creativity and innovative solutions for our clients and consumers.

Your choice: explore a new world or stay close to home

The way to develop in the diverse and vibrant Chinese market is to present ourselves in the same way. With over 600 sites across 50 big and small cities in China, we have 16,000 people working for us from 30 cities, aged 16 to 68. Some graduates move from their hometowns to metropolitans for their ambitions, some retirees start a second career at Sodexo, and some pursue a new role or country for a fresh experience.

Our people make us what we are, so we focus on developing and rewarding you for your efforts. Our training and support is second to none, so we are confident that you will find the right position, and we are more than willing to assist you in realizing your dream on career and life.

Sodexo Group Key Figures

18 billion euro in consolidated revenues

420,000 employees

32,700 sites

75 million consumers served daily

80 countries

18th largest employer worldwide 

No 1 worldwide in most of its markets

Sodexo China Key Figures

1995 entered China

16,000 employees

600 sites

50 cities

Serving 735,000 consumers every day