Sodexo is a proud supporter of Stop Hunger

Group of Stop Hunger volunteers, cheering

26 years

Stop Hunger is part of Sodexo’s DNA: its teams in the United States made their commitment against hunger concrete by creating Stop Hunger in 1996.

Femmes portant une bannière, remerciant Stop Hunger


1 euro donné = 1 euro investi contre la faim. 100 % des dons vont à des actions de terrain, les frais de fonctionnement de Stop Hunger étant pris en charge par Sodexo.


Focus on our priority: Women Empowerment

Our priority is women empowerment, because they are proven to be the most effective in eliminating hunger in communities most in need.

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How Sodexo works against hunger?

Hands-On Volunteering

The Stop Hunger Servathon is the annual global mobilization of volunteers to help those most in need locally, through food drives and fundraising, including virtual collections. Thanks to the online Goodness Platform that we are deploying, our employees quickly find volunteering missions near them and can dedicate to Stop Hunger the annual volunteer day offered by Sodexo.

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Skills-based Volunteering

Benefiting from technical expertise and skills from the private sector is crucial for Stop Hunger charity partners. 69 experts have performed 469 days of solidarity missions around the world, as part of the YEAH missions (Your Engagement Against Hunger), for the benefit of the World Food Programme, the world's leading humanitarian organization fighting hunger and 2020 Nobel Peace Prize laureate.

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With nearly 30% of funds raised for Stop Hunger, fundraising dinners locally appeal to the generosity of the Sodexo’s ecosystem. The Stop Hunger Food Pass card in Brazil and the Chèques du Coeur in France also mobilize donors against hunger. In 2020, meal voucher users made it possible to collect € 315,000 for the benefit of Les Restos du Cœur.

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