Delivering exceptional campus experiences

Campus life has changed; our evolutionary mindset, deep consumer insights, and a range of innovative services align with the modern campus’s needs. With a passion for culinary experiences, digitally integrated for daily engagement, and expertise in cleaning, landscaping, and maintenance solutions, we help create campuses to be proud of.

Universities Dining and Facilities Management services

Our university dining and facilities management services go beyond the ordinary. Our dining services meet Gen Z where they already are: on their phones, with menus accessible via technology like apps and delivery robots. Our facilities management services not only create exceptional campuses, but also provide complete piece of mind with evidence-based infection control disinfection.

Culinary innovation and responsibility

Campus dining services have evolved. Our culinary teams blend art, science, data and design, to exceed the expectations of Gen Z’s foodie culture. Our menus are designed with only the best ingredients, making a positive impact with each plate.

Making campuses exceptional places to be

University life is full of great memories: from your first dorm to getting a paper in with minutes to spare. Prospective students look for a friendly atmosphere, food options, technology and livability. Our approach to student living ensures your campus is the most attractive option.

Our approach

Sodexo campus is leading the lifestyle evolution on university campuses around the world. Our evolutionary mindset drives real improvement in campus life through the way we deliver our university dining and facilities management services.

Leading with technology

The Bite app for Universities is a digital experience that offers seamless, personalized features like contactless payment, mobile ordering, table reservations and filters for dietary needs.

Peace-of-mind clean

Protecting the health and safety of everyone on campus is our top priority. Our evidence-based infection control program uses technology and innovative chemicals to ensure disinfected spaces.

A collaborative approach

We get to engage tens of thousands of students everyday, serving them with expertise and digital tools that go above their essential daily needs, impacting performance.

Focus Areas

Three students eating burgers and smiling

Feeding the needs of every student

This generation of students has a real love of food. So their expectations when dining on campus are naturally high. With meals catering for a wide range of tastes and nutritional needs, dining times fitting around busy schedules and convenient, affordable meal options, Sodexo gets that.

Students sitting on a sofa in university accomodation

Managing university assets

First impressions count. A welcoming environment reflects well on your university and improves the quality of life for your students and faculty. By integrating cleaning, landscaping, and maintenance solutions, we help create campuses to be proud of.

A building with lots of windows lit up at dusk

A collaborative approach - efficiency drives savings and up-time

You have ambitious performance goals and long-term capital requirements. How are you going to meet them? One important step is to integrate your strategic assets, building and facility systems and energy management services. Sodexo can help.

University building with students sitting on the steps in front of it

Elevating the Student Experience

Campus life takes some adjusting to. It’s important that students feel at home from day one. Giving them access to modern amenities and involving activities makes a huge difference. Sodexo helps their university adventure get off to a great start.


Student Lifestyle

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Did you know?

44 Sodexo clients are ranked in the Top 200 US Universities.