A new worklife dynamic

Your people expect flexible, energizing spaces and worklife benefits that support their productivity and wellbeing. Vital Spaces empowers workplace transformation, by getting the best out of your spaces and keeping people at the heart of all you do. 

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Our Services

Food at work & business catering

Fuel your employees’ health, wellness and happiness at work. From restaurants, micro-markets and grab & go, to delivery and premium hospitality, our innovative corporate food services bring you the latest food and beverage trends for a hybrid workforce that satisfy a wide range of tastes, nutritional needs and budgets, all delivered with sustainability and social responsibility in mind.

Corporate facilities management

Deliver on your ambitious performance goals with resilient, efficient operations of your workplaces. Cleaning, technical, engineering and environmental services coupled with workplace technology and predictive analytics help you make faster, smarter decisions about your spaces. With our seamless facilities management services, your employees will have a safe, engaging, and sustainable environment.

Employee experience

Build engagement and a more productive, inclusive culture that’s unique to your organization. With employee and guest services such as visitor and concierge services, health, well-being and benefits and rewards programs, we’re focused on the thoughtful details that support life at work. Our holistic approach improves the employee experience, reduces costs and drives social responsibility.

Digital transformation

Technology is essential to help your business stay ahead of the game. It gives you a competitive edge, saves money and attracts smart, tech-savvy people to your business. But initial investment can be expensive, so you need to understand what will work best for your organization. Let us help you decode the technology landscape to create digital transformation in the workplace.

Positive Impact: social responsibility

Nowadays, running a successful company isn’t just about making a profit. Forward-thinking organizations know that demonstrating corporate social responsibility is more than just an ethical decision; it makes good business sense too. We can help you explore ways to do business while protecting the environment and improving peoples' lives.

Industries we serve

We help companies deliver a great workplace experience in a wide range of industries, by understanding their specific challenges and offering the right solutions.

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Professional Services

Top professionals are in high demand. Keep them engaged, inspired and motivated by designing the workplace around their individual needs and integrating technology to balance work and home life.

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Pharmaceuticals & life sciences

Pharma is under pressure. Development costs are rising and administrative tasks are eating into scientists’ lab time. It’s time for a new formula—an agile, innovative lab of the future.

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The future tech workplace will be shaped by digital natives. New generations expect digital experiences in the workplace. Our workplace solutions deliver just that.

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Communications & Media: Exceeding employee expectations

People ask for more from their employers than just a salary. They want to work for companies that have integrity and a strong sense of corporate responsibility. Or solutions deliver creative and innovative workplaces that encourage employees to take part in world-changing initiatives.

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Consumer products and manufacturing organizations are challenged to attract the best talent. Build a more digitally-focused, socially-engaged workplace and ensure your future business success.

Financial Services

Financial services

Financial services organizations are in a state of disruption. Companies are challenged to drive creativity and innovation. Create a workplace that attracts and retains the best talent.

Our brands

From workspace design to concierge services to food delivery, our expert, innovative brands help you increase employee engagement, well-being and productivity. 

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How food transforms the workplace

Food is intrinsically linked to our health and happiness whether at work or at home. Covid-19 has shifted work and living patterns and the way we consume food has changed. Our report, One Bite at a Time: How Food with Purpose is Transforming the Workplace, investigates the role of food in the workplace, new food models and the future of food, behavior-based dining.

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A new workplace comes to life

Employers have been forced by the pandemic to try to connect and support a dispersed workforce. The shift to a hybrid workplace model is accelerating. Our report, Breathing Space: A New Workplace Comes to Life, investigates why spaces need to be living, breathing and fluid to cater to these needs, and what firms can do to make them a reality through digital experiences and workplace solutions.

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Sustainability is mission critical

The Covid-19 crisis showed us just how interlinked human, business and planetary health are. In our report, Sustainability Shifts from Business Imperative to Mission Critical, we investigate the impact that the pandemic and events of 2020 have had on organizational attitudes and approaches to corporate social responsibility and sustainability.

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