April 12, 2023, Shanghai——Sodexo, a global leader in life quality services, launched a brand-new confinement meal brand in the Chinese market for the first time—"Maternea", to further provide pregnant women with reasonable, nutritious, healthy, delicious and professional confinement meals.


"Maternea" is a catering brand of Sodexo Group dedicated to confinement meals for pregnant women. It was initially launched in France, Spain, Brazil and other countries. It is a brand tailored to meet the special needs of pregnant women. In order to accommodate the vast Chinese market, Maternea has begun promotion and landing in domestic high-end hospitals of China.

With the nationwide extension of China's "three-child policy" and transformation in residents' conception due to consumption upgrades, people’s consumption attitude towards maternal and infant goods has turned positive in the post-COVID19 era, and the demand for confinement centers and related services has grown significantly. In recent years, young mothers have attached greater importance to restoring their figure during confinement. Confinement meals are not only the "energy source" for puerpera during confinement, but also play a key role in the recovery of their vitality, their emotional regulation and body reshaping.

Not only does Maternea provide reasonable, nutritious and delicious confinement set meals for puerpera to relieve their emotional anxiety during confinement, but also provides personalized care, staged conditioning, professional nutritionists, selected ingredients and other personalized value-added services that take into account women's physiology and psychology so as to help continuously improve women’s life quality during confinement.

Personalized Care based on Dietary Guidelines

Confinement meals are tailor made according to the "Dietary Guidelines for Lactating Women" as well as puerpera’s physical conditions, individual needs and clinical complications to ensure full nutrition and clinical management.

  • Accommodating various clinical needs Considering variations in clinical needs to realize diversified nutritional combinations and dietary conditioning.
  • Accommodating various parturients’ individual needs such as breastfeeding, non-breastfeeding, vegetarian, halal, and low-sugar diets.
  • Accommodating local tastes and preferences Taking into account the tastes and eating habits of different regions to ensure nutrition.    

Staged Conditioning for Rehabilitation

Confinement meals are prepared according to the physical needs of puerpera at different stages to give full play of their functions, enhance rehabilitation and meet the dual needs of body and mind.


Professional nutritionists and chef teams

From the kitchen to the dining table, from ingredients to dishes, our clinical nutritionists provide nutrition guidance throughout the whole course, and the star chef is on-site to prepare the meals carefully.

Selected ingredients are nutritious and delicious

We select authentic ingredients and offer exclusive supply to ensure that the ingredients are fresh, nutritious and exquisite.