Shanghai, November 13, 2017 - Sodexo, world leader in Quality of Life services, has ventured on leveraging digitalization to consolidate its competitive value and enhance consumer experience.

This September, VR has been introduced into safety training in Sodexo, which enables a simulation of safety operations in kitchen via virtual reality. Firstly launched in Shanghai, till now, a total of more than 400 people have already experienced this safety kitchen training via VR, including over 170 employees and 230 consumers. This innovative initiative brings the satisfaction rate to 98% of employees, clients and consumers and more clients on a variety of sites will enjoy an access to this project.

Cheney GUO, Digital Head of Sodexo China, stated:" This VR project represents just a tip of the iceberg, the Sodexo global digital transformation. Perceived the coming wave of global digitalization, Sodexo Group opened its way to digital transformation and innovative reform in 2015 to deliver more diversified, intelligent and convenient Quality of Life services to our clients and consumers. Sodexo starts from continuously optimizing products and services under existing scope as a breakthrough and further expands the emerging business sector, covering AI and VR, etc."

VR Safety Kitchen Training

The software of this VR safety kitchen training was developed by a Sodexo global partner from Paris, France. Wearing this HTC VIVE helmet, Sodexo employees and consumers will immediately step into the virtual Sodexo kitchen and he / she is supposed to help the virtual chef to accomplish safety kitchen operations in different scenarios, which are designed with perspective potential safety risks in this kitchen to be recognized and corrected, such as risks to cuts, burns, trips or hit by falling objects.

VR safety kitchen training substantially cuts down time for training, streamlines cumbersome processes, shortening 1-hour traditional training to 5 minutes, and is exempt from the limitation of space, materials, or staff, averts significant waste of food in face-to-face training as well.

Bruno VAQUETTE, Country President of Sodexo China said:"Sodexo advocates the people-oriented concept in its Quality of Life services. Employees’ wellness and safety are top on our priorities. Based on that, there is no doubt that Sodexo’s VR journey in its digital transformation era set employees’ safety as the starting point. In this digitalization age, Sodexo will further upgrade the existing services and explore the new ones, make reasonable and efficient use of  technology, and bring more value to our clients and consumers."


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