Accompanied by Grace HAN, Segment Director of Healthcare, Sodexo China, Mr. Benoit SEVCIK, Counsellor of Health and Social Services of French embassy in China, paid a visit to Renmin Hospital of Wuhan University (RHWU) recently, who were warmly welcomed by Professor Tang Qizhu, Director and Party Secretary of RHWU and over 5,000 employees in RHWU.

The trip is aimed at understanding RHWU’s expectations on international exchanges and cooperation, exchanging ideas on how to promote cooperation on technical management and personnel training in Sino-French health care field, and how to help French companies to contribute to the development of Chinese public hospitals and other issues.

It is coincidental that RHWU and the University of Montpellier of France are conducting comprehensive negotiations on the establishment of a friendly medical college, talents development, and cooperation in scientific research and medical services. The visit of Mr. Benoit brought the support from the French government, and boosted the further development of this cooperation. During the meeting, Mr. Benoit presented his focus on the cooperation of technology innovation, talents training and hospital management in Sino-French healthcare field, and invited RHWU to actively participate in the following international healthcare cooperation and summits between China and France. 

As a global logistics service provider for more than 4,000 large hospitals, Sodexo from France is also the world leader in Quality of Life services. Since the inception of the cooperation with RHWU in 2012, Sodexo has been providing the staff canteen and inpatient nutritious meal services through customized solutions for the hospital. The management of RHWU stated: "We always hold the humanist spirit in improving healthcare services, and our goal is to enhance the well-being of our patients and staff. This is an important reason why we chose Sodexo as our logistics management partner. Sodexo’s international, professional operation and management has effectively improved the quality of life of our staff and patients. RHMU has always been paying great attention to international exchanges and development. I believe that the collaboration with Sodexo will also help us to expand broader space in this field. "

Mr. Benoit visited RHWU

The cooperation between RHWU and Sodexo also attracted the interest of Mr. Benoit. He said: "This is my first visit to a kitchen in China. I am glad to witness the French company Sodexo contributing to the construction of RHWU." Mr. Benoit has served as the director of Paris public hospitals for years. He shared his abundant experience in hospital management with RHWU director Tang and his team, saying: "In general, many directors of French hospitals will outsource the logistics management services to professional, competent, and responsible companies, so as to bend all the resources and energy to the development of scientific research and development. This is an industrial trend."

Grace HAN, Segment Director of Healthcare of Sodexo China said: "Sodexo’s development vision in health care field is always to help China public hospitals to further improve the quality of life of their staff and patients, and to help enhance medical services of hospitals. Meanwhile, as a multinational company serving 80 countries worldwide, Sodexo is honored to make the modest contribution to our partners in promoting international exchanges and enhancing industrial influence."

About Renmin Hospital of Wuhan

RHWU was established in 1923 as the first government-run public hospital in Hubei province. In 1992, the hospital was ranked as the top first-class hospital in China by Ministry of Health of the China and was designated as one of the key window-hospital by the government of Hubei province government. The main campus is located at Zhangzhidong Road, Wuchang district, occupying a total land area of 200 Mu with a construction area of 350,000 square meters. There are advanced and full-functional medical buildings with international standards caring for out- and/ in-patients in RHWU. This full-service hospital has premier facilities including the operation rooms, Intense Care Unit (ICU), and Cardiac Catheterization Rooms (CCR), etc. equipped with high-grade air cleaning system, top-class medical instruments, and operated by advanced stream-line management. The hospital consists of 76 clinical departments and offers 4000 hospital-beds for inpatients. Many top-level medical instruments or apparatus used for diagnostic or therapeutic procedures, such as 3.0T and 1.5T Dual Gradient MRI, 64/128 CT, ECT/PET and IGRT LINAC radiotherapy systems were available here. The annual amounts of the patients treated in this hospital were 3 million for outpatients and 140,000 for inpatients.60,000 surgical operations were annually completed in RHWU. The East campus (Wuhan Optics Valley General Hospital) is located at the center area of Wuhan East Lake High-Tech Development Zone, occupying total land area of 250 Mu and potentially offering 2,300 hospital-beds for the patients. There are 5,200 employees in RHWU, including 630 full-professors (or equivalent), associate professors (or equivalent), and other medical care personnel. RHWU is honored to have a lot of national-grade outstanding specialists, PhD/MD candidate mentors, and the specialists who enjoy the special government allowance granted by the State Council. We are also honored to invite Nobel Prize holder and more than 30 members of Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE) or Chinese Academy of Science (CAS) as our guest professor.

About Sodexo China

Sodexo China has 13,000 people at over 550 sites and serves 800,000 consumers every day. Since 1995, Sodexo provides a myriad of services to meet client’s complex needs across the spectrum of corporate, education, health institute and seniors’ home. In China, Sodexo is the only company, as the strategic partner of clients, to design, manage and deliver comprehensive service solutions of On-site Services and Benefits and Rewards Services. Improving Quality of Life of our employees and all those we serve is Sodexo’s mission and commitment. Founded on it, through its integrated offering of Foodservices, Engineering Services, Lifestyle Services, Business Support Services and Lab Services, Sodexo helps companies and organizations improve performance every day. 

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