Shanghai, China, 17th January 2018- With the arrival of 2018 spring festival, Sodexo’s Global Chef Program at China station had a smooth ending. A French chef and two Indian chefs from Sodexo visited China, while two Chinese mainland chefs went to Hongkong, China and Singapore to present their culinary arts and bring authentic international delicacies to local consumers.

Sodexo’s Global Chef Program sent reputed chefs from around the world to different destinations, displaying live cooking, lucky draw, happy selfie, consumer cooking courses, VIP cocktail parties, and sharing international cuisine with clients, consumers and local teams. During last year’s activity at China station, tens of thousands of consumers from corporates, hospitals and international schools enjoyed the pleasure of food exchange, with consumer satisfaction levels crossing 90%.

“Sodexo provide services in 80 countries around the world. Leveraging on our strong culinary heritage and skills full and passionate chef team, the Global Chef Program brings international flavors and truly authentic dishes to our consumers in China” said Sylvain BENOIT, Head of Food Service Platform of Sodexo China, “Chinese food culture is amazingly rich and intense. With the global interest increase in enjoying authentic Chinese cuisine and with the development of Chinese companies globally, I am proud of our Chinese chef team promoting the best of the Chinese cuisine around the world.”

All Sodexo chefs who participated in this program have spent decades in the profession with excellent cooking skills. French chef Yannick has been studying at Michelin-starred kitchens with a celebrated French cook, and has more than thirty years of experience. Indian chef Rushikesh served a number of high-end hospitals in India, as well as many VIP clients. Chinese ramen chef QIU Jiaming, skilled at making more than ten types of ramen, is the third generation successor of Ramen master LI Enhai — the Guinness World Records holder. Indian chef Sanket is expert in combining traditional Indian delicacies with international elements, adding home-made spice combinations to every dish. Chinese chef Yin Chunrong from Nanjing has specialized in Jinling cuisine for over a decade and won the Sodexo Innovation Dishes Contest.

Praising the event, Sodexo’s clients and consumers said, “This is global delicacy and culture.” Impressed by Sodexo Chinese chef, the French and Indian chefs said, “We found the Chinese chef’s enthusiasm for learning very interesting. It is such a wonderful exchange of experience!” Chinese chef QIU said, “The love for food has no borders. I wish my trip to Singapore will bring a little bit of nostalgia to the local Chinese, and will let more and more people know about Chinese food. The Sodexo family wishes to bring their favorable food to everyone.” 

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