More Than 300 High-Profile Leaders Across Sectors Gather to Debate Tomorrow’s Quality of Life Needs.

London, October 16, 2017 —Sodexo, global leader in Quality of Life services, today kicked off its second Quality of Life Conference, bringing together leaders of companies, universities, NGOs, hospitals, governments and communities from more than 30 countries to explore the future of quality of life. The London-based Conference builds on the movement launched at Sodexo’s inaugural Conference in 2015 in New York, which advocates for business models tthat deliver economic growth, social responsibility and personal fulfillment for consumers.

“Sodexo is pleased to bring together some of the brightest minds— the disruptors and the innovators—from across the globe at the Quality of Life Conference,” says CEO Michel Landel. “It’s a unique opportunity for our clients to take a step back and think about emerging trends in the marketplace, and how we can all adapt and embrace these opportunities to grow our businesses together and contribute to a more inclusive society,” adds Michel Landel.

Despite their diverse backgrounds, Conference participates share a vison that embraces quality of life as a driver of a more prosperous and meaningful future for all. The agenda leverages practical solutions and real-world insights from Sodexo’s 50-year history in the service business and from its varied base of customers and partners. In sessions, leaders will explore progress that is proving critical to the future of quality of life as it relates to six distinct populations of consumers : corporate employees, patients, workers in atypical environments, seniors, students and citizens.

Highlights from day one include inspirational talks from six of the world’s most pioneering thinkers, from the founder of Barefoot College (Sanjit “Bunker” Roy), to the first Iranian in outer space (Anousheh Ansari), to an Academy Award-winning actress and political activist (Jane Fonda). After, in-depth panel discussions explore the consumer groups in further detail, with an aim for concrete outcomes. The day concludes with a roundtable focused on partnerships between the world’s cities and their residents and ways to engage and involve residents in creating quality of life in an urban world.

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