Beijing, July 2, 2018 –The 12-year relationship between Sodexo China and the International School of Beijing will expand for over a 4-year term when catering is added to the FM services Sodexo already supplies to the school via a 160-person onsite team. This marks the first IFM partnership at Sodexo China Education and highlights the company’s competitiveness in the market.

From August, ISB’s 1,700 students and 350 staff will enjoy a range of dining options in the newly-designed Elementary and Middle/High School cafeterias, Chinese canteen, staff lounge, and dedicated coffee bar and event catering.

Sodexo’s partnership with ISB started in 2006 with the delivery of technical maintenance, janitorial, landscaping, porterage and help desk services, on ISB’s 13-hectare campus in Shunyi District. Sodexo provides a world-class Facilities Management services cumulating in being awarded the globally recognized ISO 55000 accreditation, the first school globally to achieve this standard. Sodexo will use data from its Institute of Quality of Life to improve the school’s user experiences, whist reducing the cost base through its integrated service model.

Dr. Gerrick Monroe, Chief Operating and Financial Officer, ISB, said: “At ISB, we aim to build a community of students and families which is focused on academic excellence, health and wellness, and emotional support. Sodexo was selected as our catering partner based on the trust built up via the past 12 years of cooperation,  proved by its experience needed to meet our community’s needs with the engagement in our shared core values. We trust it will continue to do so. ”

The Middle/High School space has been created to provide students the experience of selecting meals from flexible food stations in a retail setting. The internationally branded EAT offer is a first for Sodexo Education in China Mainland and will allow senior students to benefit from Sodexo’s global expertise. ISB will lead the way in outsourcing, in addition to setting the bench mark for all China educational facilities.

The Elementary School cafeteria will feature Think Green, an initiative that started in Italy and introduces practical and fun food information into younger children’s daily lives. Sodexo will introduce their new concept, Urban Farming, so that produce can be grown on campus.

In addition to the food services delivery, Sodexo will launch a waste / sustainability initiative - reduction/removal of single use plastics; and nutrition education program at ISB, encompassing digital solutions, giving diners daily nutritional breakdown of the food they have chosen. 

In its new IFM partnership, Sodexo will upgrade its FM services including engineering, facility maintenance, housekeeping, cleaning and grounds with digital and innovation, implementing automatic cleaning, and smart lighting to increase overall student grades and cognitive development.  All this whilst continuing to protect the school and it occupants from the environmental impacts.

Adrian Copeland, Sodexo Segment Director of Schools and Universities in China, said: “We are extremely proud to extend our partnership with ISB, which is based on our shared value on the students’ personal development and wellbeing in and outside classroom, to build up a healthy and safe environment. With the IFM model, Sodexo will present its international expertise, comprehensive capabilities and added value to support ISB’s ambition to achieving a world-class educational facility and improving the Quality of Life for their students, faculty and staff.”





About ISB

The International School of Beijing (ISB) celebrates over 36 years as the oldest, largest international school in Beijing, China. ISB enjoys a longstanding tradition of academic excellence, anticipating the challenges of the future through its innovative, personalized, real-world connected curriculum: Learning21@ISB. In its welcoming community, students find a purposeful balance of educational success and enriching personal growth. ISB’s experienced and passionate teachers provide students with exceptional opportunities to grow as individuals, as scholars, and as contributing global citizens.

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