Shanghai, April 19, 2018 – Sodexo, world leader in Quality of Life services, announced its partnership with XNode, an international incubator and accelerator well associated with vibrant startup communities and corporate intrapreneurs in China.

Martin Boden(right), Country Segment Director, Corporate Services, Sodexo China,

signs agreements with Wei Zhou(left), CEO and Founder of XNode

The partnership is founded on common values on progressive innovation; and on agreements that XNode will support scouting and accelerating potential startups with capabilities that would improve the quality of life services identified with Sodexo’s positioning and ambition. Meanwhile, it will design and facilitate learning exploration workshops fostering open innovation at Sodexo by creating a co-innovation ecosystem that connects the dots between the social web of inno-preneurs to enhance the digital evolution of Sodexo China. The areas of collaboration focus are the six defined Qualify of Life dimensions such as Ease and Efficiency, Health and Wellbeing, Physical Environment, Social Interaction, Personal Growth and Recognition, collectively embraced within Sodexo's Quality of Life service solutions. 

Belen Moscoso del Prado, Chief Digital and Innovation Officer at Sodexo, said:  “Our partnership with XNode builds the bridge between startups and Sodexo via our shared values on Quality of Life and an open innovation mindset. China is one of the countries in the world leading the technology change and digital transformation. Sodexo China is a key strategic market for Sodexo Group's digital transformation strategy and will continue to build on its leadership position in the outsourcing industry. I have confidence that the partnership with XNode’s community will inspire and develop further Sodexo’s innovation DNA. This will present excellent opportunities for Sodexo to partner our clients in designing the future of consumer experiences with novel and innovative solutions.”

Wei Zhou, CEO and Founder of XNode, said: “We are extremely excited to build a partnership with Sodexo, working together to structure an open innovation network in China. The advent of new technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence, heralds a new age of digital transformation. We are honoured to share the responsibility of facing opportunities and challenges that lies ahead. We have refined our methods and wisdom in the practice of innovation and entrepreneurship and we hope that through this in-depth cooperation, we can help Sodexo to continue moving forward amongst the ever-changing tide of technological innovation. We intend to do this by making innovative ideas into reality as well as improving intrapreneurship within Sodexo. We look forward to working with Sodexo’s intrapreneurs as well as partner startups, forging the innovative cooperation spirit.”  

Since 2017, the innovation and digitalization in Sodexo China set sail via boosting internal innovation and creating open innovation mindset. Sodexo has led the way to successfully deployed Virtual Reality kitchen safety trainings and Robotic reception services in China, and will continue to develop and improve smart restaurant solutions, smart retail, and urban farming to lead the domestic Integrated Facilities Management market trends agilely.  






About XNode 

XNode incubates ideas, accelerates startups, and connects them to an international and local network of mentors, experts, partners, venture capitalists, corporations and institutions, as well as academic institutions and government, thereby creating and consolidating what XNode would like to see in the very near future – a real ecosystem of innovation.

In the practice of innovation and entrepreneurship for startups, XNode continuously refines methods and wisdom to help corporates adapt and innovate in a rapidly changing world, by bridging corporates and startups, transforming ideas into realities and raising the intrapreneurship mindset in the corporate.

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