On September 15, 2023, Sodexo, a global leading life quality service enterprise, embarked on a journey of cooperation with Zhongfa Aviation Institute (ZFAI) of Beihang University in Hangzhou and jointly launched a new cooperative project targeted at boosting the improvement of school catering services.

On the morning of September 15, 2023, with the Ceremony of Inauguration of ZFAI and the Ceremony of Undergraduate Term Beginning 2023 held at the Science and Aesthetic Education Center of Beihang Hangzhou International Campus, the cooperation between Sodexo and ZFAI has officially initiated. This joint initiative not only provides students with high-quality catering options, but also showcases Sodexo's extensive and profound experience in the field of education in China.

ZFAI is a Sino-foreign cooperative educational institution co-established by Beihang University and Ecole Nationale de l'Aviation Civile (ENAC), dedicated to cultivating aerospace talents for the future. A number of distinguished Chinese and foreign guests, including Jian Wang, Counselor of the European Department of the Ministry of Foreign Ministry, Hongjian Tao, First-Level Inspector of the International Cooperation and Exchanges Department of the Ministry of Education, Xiumei Zhu, Deputy Director of the Personnel and Education Department of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Joan VALADOU, Consul General of France in Shanghai, Peidong Shu, Deputy Director of the Education Department of Zhejiang Province, Weihua Xu, Standing Committee Member of the Hangzhou Municipal Party Committee and Deputy Mayor of Hangzhou, Yunpeng Wang, President of the Beihang University, and Olivier CHANSOU, President of ENAC, etc. as well as Isabelle HANNEDOUCHE, Managing Director of Sodexo Greater China, attended the inauguration ceremony and witnessed this historic moment.

As an integral part of Zhejiang Province's major scientific research plans, ZFAI is born with powerful foundation of innovative genes and scientific research capabilities. ENAC, founded in 1949, is a prestigious top university in the international civil aviation industry, and Beihang University, since its founding in 1952, has been holding a significant position in the field of higher education in China and has cultivated 89 academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Engineering. They both have done brilliant jobs in providing solid support for talent cultivation in aviation and aerospace of China and France. 


Customized Catering Services Promotes the Development of High-level School Running 

The cooperation between Sodexo and ZFAI will be devoted to providing diversified and high-quality catering services to satisfy the needs of students. Sodexo places people-oriented values on priority, adopts healthy recipes, avoids using trans fats, palm oil, aginomoto and other additives, cook the food on the site with fresh ingredients every day, and provides fresh, delicious, and nutritionally balanced   catering for all the students.

Sodexo has over 28 years of comprehensive service experience that has been accumulated from rooting in the schools of China, and has been maintaining long-term partnerships with numerous schools. Through the strategic cooperation with Beihang ZFAI, Sodexo will provide the teachers and students in the school with high-quality catering services, assisting Beihang ZFAI in building high-level Sino-foreign cooperative schools, and promote the improvement of school catering services hand in hand. 


Left: Olivier CHANSOU, President of ENAC     

Right: Isabelle HANNEDOUCHE, Managing Director, Sodexo Greater China

Isabelle HANNEDOUCHE, Managing Director of Sodexo Greater China, said: “We are immensely honored to collaborate with ZFAI, marking a significant milestone in Sodexo Greater China's involvement in one of the most crucial university projects in the region. This successful partnership with ZFAI underscores Sodexo's continued expansion into the education sector in China.” 

Olivier CHANSOU, President of ENAC, also expressed that: “ZFAI of Beihang University teams up with the globally renowned catering service operator Sodexo for the purpose of setting up a new benchmark for high-level Sino-foreign cooperative school catering, provide high-quality catering solutions for teachers and students, and make efforts together to contribute to the cause of education.”

This cooperation signifies top alliance between ZFAI and Sodexo in the campus catering business, which will bring more deliciousness and quality to students and power up the cause of education with wonderful benefits.

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