Sodexo was invited to join CoreNet Global Summit 2017 in Shanghai, and presented with the theme of “The ‘Quality Of Life’ Workplace Experience: An Integrated FM Approach”.

CoreNet Global Summit 2017, an internationally well-known event of facility management, was held in Shanghai on March 22-23, with the theme of “Blurring the Lines, Transcending Boundaries”. Global attendees from different fields explored break-through ways to transcend traditional boundaries through divergence, to provide integrated solutions for corporates and bring more business values in the fast-changing business environment.

Sodexo, as the world leader in Quality of Life Services and integrated facilities management provider, was invited to join the summit. Gordon Chung, Lifestyle Services Director, Asia Pacific, Sodexo, jointly with Russell Higgins, Regional Lead Facilities Management, Greater China, Johnson & Johnson, presented at the summit themed “The ‘Quality Of Life’ Workplace Experience: An Integrated FM Approach”, and hosted the panel discussion with the attendees.

“People spend over 30% of their lives at work. Great places to work could drive employee happiness, thus boosting company performance.” said Gordon, “Poor health brought by unhappiness would cost a lot for corporates or organizations, within which 30% is medical care cost, while 70% are productivity losess caused by absenteeisn and presenteeism. So happiness can be linked to business strategy and company performance. Happy employees are the high performers, more creative and more productive.”

Sodexo believes that better Quality of Life at workplace would improve employees’ happiness. In the practice, 6 dimensions of Quality of Life are identified and embedded in Sodexo service lines. Using PersonixTM, a Sodexo proprietary profiling tool, and placing the end-user in the center, Sodexo applies the “Quality of Life” approach in its IFM solutions. With the holistic process of service design, management and delivery, Sodexo creates seamlessly integrated workplace experience to positively impact workplace Quality of Life, drive deeper engagement and help retain the workforce.

6 dimensions of Quality of Life

Gordon and Russell also introduced the case of the new J&J Shanghai workplace. Aligning Quality of Life approach with J&J’s end-to-end thinking, Sodexo fully supported J&J on the design and operation of Catering, Facilities Management and Wellness platforms. Inspired by the case, attendees then shared and discussed the benefits and challenges in the FM design and execution to create great workplace experience.

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