On April 19, 2014, the 2014 (8th) China Catering Industry Development Convention (CCIDC), organized by China Cuisine Association (CCA), was held in Beijing. The list of “Top Catering Enterprises in China” was also released during the convention.

The annual CCIDC is the highest-rank summit of China’s catering industry. The 100 top-listed enterprises, released by CCA, represent the general standard of China food services industry. The Top 100 Analysis Report indicates that, affected by the market and policy, China catering industry has experienced the most difficult time since 2000, especially for the Top 100 Catering Enterprises. Despite the changing situation of market structure and business model, these Top 100 enterprises have kept on transforming and upgrading themselves to make the break-through.

In spite of various challenges, Sodexo has kept a steady development in China. It is mainly attributed to the fact that Sodexo persistently gives its priority to customers and service quality, value hygiene and safety at every stage of the catering operation. Since its entry to China in 1995, Sodexo’s business has expanded to more than 50 cities in China with around 14,000 employees. In the increasingly competitive market, being included in the “Top 100 Catering Enterprises in China” for 6 years in a row is inseparable with every Sodexo staff’s dedication and fully embodies our values of expertise and innovation.

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