In December 2011, Sodexo SAIC was named as “Top 10 Foreign Invested Enterprise” by Economic Commission of Xuhang County, Jia Ding District of Shanghai.

As learned, the Economic Commission has investigated almost 100 foreign invested enterprises in this district in terms of economic profit (revenues and balance sheet), contribution to society (in light of promoting employment, directing the development of local enterprises and taking initiative part in social public welfare activities), and internal management and so on.

Sodexo SAIC has been dedicated to fulfilling its social responsibility and actively participated in public welfare undertakings. Since 2008, Sodexo SAIC has donated altogether 90,000 RMB to the grand charity event "Beloved under the Blue Sky" initiated by Shanghai government and made ceaseless contribution to public welfare, therefore realizing sustainable and harmonious development for both enterprises and the society.

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