On May 23rd, 2013, Sodexo Greater China signed the Sodexo scholarship agreement with Wuhan Business University (WBU), aiming at facilitating more excellent Chinese students to finish their study and inspiring more college students to join in service business, thus contributing to solve the worsening employment problem.

Sodexo holds a firm belief that right talent is the cornerstone for a company’s development. On the other hand, as people only possess quite limited understanding of outsourcing industry, China is short of qualified talents in this industry. Therefore, as the leader in this industry, we have to train and develop our own talents. Just as good seeds are the prerequisite for vigorous plants, right candidates are the root of qualified personnel. Only with that can we get double results with half effort. The well-trained college graduates are one of the important human resources for us. Meanwhile, we also believe that Sodexo’s professional training system and career planning can help these talented candidates achieve better development and make remarkable progress.

Therefore, the reason that Sodexo sets the scholarship for WBU lies in inspiring more college students to join in service business, promoting the development of the service industry in China, and cultivating service managerial talents in line with China’s market demand.

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