Co-organized by Ecolab and Chinese Business News, with technical support from the China Institute of Food Science and Technology (CIFST), the fourth Award Ceremony for Outstanding Contribution to Food Safety and Public Health concluded in Shanghai recently. By virtue of our comprehensive supply chain system, professional and highly-effective food safety and quality management, Sodexo won the Seven Star Award in Best Supply Chain Management.

Hundreds of Chinese and foreign companies signed up for this award. Following a four-month selection process involving questionnaire survey, consumer survey in brand trust, field research and evaluation and expert reviews, 33 industry standard bearers including Sodexo were ultimately selected for the honors list.

Sodexo’s supply chain management in China is well established with 7 distribution centers, covering over 50 cities and distributing more than 3,000 tons of all types of products each month to 600 sites. To ensure compliance and standardization of its supply chain, Sodexo sets up a professional supply chain team comprising of more than 80 experts. Each part of the supply chain, including selection, training and certification of vendors, logistics and warehousing management, quality management and after-sales services, is managed and supervised by specific staff. The company’s supply chain system is also complemented by advanced management software system to achieve a truly paperless, real-time information exchange model.

"Food quality and safety always lies at the core of Sodexo, and supply chain management is the cornerstone of food safety and health. For this reason, we are committed to improving our supply chain management system to carefully manage and control everything in our menus ‘from farm to fork’," said Mauricio ZUAZO, Sodexo Greater China’s director for supply chain management. He added: “ I’m very proud that we win this award, as it is a great recognition from the public and the experts for our efforts in food supply management. We will continue to fulfill our commitment in Quality of Life and contribute to food safety and quality improvement in China.”

Since its entry into the Chinese market in 1995, Sodexo has received recognition by multiple parties for its outstanding performance in supply chain management, including:

  • Awarded three times as “Top 50 Companies in Food Logistics” by Logistics Appraisal Committee of ChinaFood Industry Association.

  • Included as the National Standard Pilot Enterprise for “Food Cold Chain Logistics Tracking” released by China Federation of Logistics & Purchasing (CLFP) Cold Chain Logistics Committee in 2014.


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