Sodexo, world leader in Quality of Life services, has been selected as the food services partner of INSEAD (Asia Campus) after a competitive pitch against both local and overseas vendors. Services will begin in August 2018.

This article was published on by SHEN Li on Sept. 25, 2018

Recently, Sodexo released 2018 Global Workplace Trends Report, which proposes seven  trends including Getting Ready for Gen Z, Human Capital Management 3.0, the Internet of Things: Shaping the Future Workplace, Creating the Emotional Intelligent Workplace, Re-imagining Resources in the Sharing Economy, Moving the Needle on Gender Balance, and Employees: New Change Agents for Corporate Responsibility.

Martin BODEN, Sodexo China’s newly appointed Country President and Country Segment Director of Corporate Services, China, exchanged his view with medias including Tencent Finance in the top three aspects most concerned to China market: Getting Ready for Gen Z, Human Capital Management 3.0, and the Internet of Things- Shaping the Future Workplace.

Martin BODEN, Sodexo China’s newly appointed Country President
and Country Segment Director of Corporate Services, China

Martin BODEN believes that Gen Z (born in 1995-2012, also known as post-1995s) is a unique generation exposed to digital technology products since born. They are heavy users of social media while adapting to the Internet environment, which urges them to pay more attention to health, technology and contributions made to society. Therefore, companies should be creatively thinking how to meet with Gen Z's expectation in career and workplace.

Tencent Finance: What’s Sodexo’s business development path in China?

Martin BODEN: Sodexo China was a very strong catering service company in the first decade of its establishment (1995-2005). Since around 2005, we began to expand other business scope, such as facilities management and other services, with our efforts to deliver the Quality of Life services. We take inspiration from people’s workplace and education venues along their experience journey.

Tencent Finance: What do Chinese companies need to improve in workplace management?

Martin BODEN: I think companies should pay more attention to “people” in the workplace rather than only focus on the building itself. To see where business value from, how to attract talents, retain them, and create company value by talents is important. For Chinese companies, many of them are facing the problem of how to improve efficiency. What Sodexo provides aims to help client’s employees improve quality of life, and through these business support services, helps companies improve business value; we want to build an ecosystem through digitalization which will bring China’s local business and ideas to the world through services with clients.

Tencent Finance: Could you please introduce the cooperation between Sodexo and Huawei?

Martin BODEN: During the official visit to China by French president Macron in the beginning of this year, Sodexo and Huawei signed a five-year partnership agreement. Initially, we were providing energy-efficient facilities services for Huawei’s industry park in Shenzhen, China. At present, this cooperation has extended to 4 continents and 12 countries, and we will continue to provide facilities management services for Huawei’s offices over the world, while furthering energy-saving and emission-reducing strategy. We are honored to be once awarded as Huawei’s Golden Supplier.

Tencent Finance: What’s your suggestion for the management of Gen Z employees?

Martin BODEN: Actually, it’s not only happening in China, but also the whole world that Gen Z employees are growing and they will be the principle force in workplace within 20 years. So it’s very necessary to understand them via studying their behaviors, and then get to know their needs, exploit their positive energy and realize the true value of this generation.

Tencent Finance: What’s your opinion about the phenomenon that boundary between life and work is becoming blurred due to digitalization in workplace?

Martin BODEN: Workplace evolution requires solution bring healthier working environment, which will be beneficial for both physical and mental health. It’s true that working hours now are quite long, that’s why Sodexo provide high-quality catering and wellness services to improve (workplace employees) quality of life. As our Workplace Trends Report shows, these certain trends have demonstrated powerful solutions. Employees will feel engaged in their work while having space to personal growth, and continually promote the development of company.

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