Beijing, January 1, 2022 – Sodexo, the world leader in Quality of Life Services announced its partnership with Beijing Huijia Private School ("Huijia"), one of the largest and earliest private schools in Beijing, to provide comprehensive and diverse catering services for its students and staff.

Founded in 1993, Huijia is one of the oldest and largest private schools in Beijing, as well as one of the earliest schools in China certified by the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO). Being an innovative, distinctive and global school, Huijia had been providing its own catering services for more than 2,000 students and teachers from different cultures under the principles of safety, health and diversity. This is the first time that Huijia has outsourced its catering services, demonstrating the recognition of Sodexo's professional services and international school solutions by leading international schools in China such as Huijia.

Jiang Na, Executive Vice Principal of Huijia, said, "Our educational mission is to create an international and diversified learning environment for our students and provide them with rewarding learning opportunities. We believe that supported by Sodexo's global vision and professional services, we will better empower the healthy growth of our students and build a better life for our faculty."

China's education sector is undergoing a fresh transformation, and the introduction of the "Double Reduction" policy further underscores the importance of all-round and healthy development of students. As a people-focused company, Sodexo will help Huijia improve campus experiences and functionalities by providing quality and innovative campus solutions, while supporting the school in developing its distinctive culture and characteristics and creating a healthy growth space for students.

Customize catering solutions for students to fuel their school days

Food & Co is Sodexo's school food solution designed for international schools. This solution can meet the unique needs of all elementary, middle and high school students at Huijia in different age groups. Sodexo will provide Huijia students of all ages with delicious, nutritious and balanced meals by customizing the choice and combination of ingredients. This not only meets the daily dietary needs of students but also encourages them to make healthy food choices.

Go beyond food to empower catering experiences

Edufood, Sodexo's nutrition and wellness program, gives more experiential value to dining by integrating the knowledge of nutrition and sustainability into school canteens and engaging interactive learning activities. Through the dining sessions and activities designed by Sodexo, students can learn about different foods and customs around the world, try new foods, and develop healthy eating habits. Little Chefs, a Sodexo program that teaches cooking skills, is intended to inspire students to develop a love for food and cooking, spur cooperation and communication, and raise their awareness of healthy diets. It is highly beneficial to the healthy growth of children.


Adrian COPELAND, Sodexo Segment Director of Schools and Universities in China, said, "Huijia is a global school, and Sodexo is exploring a new future-oriented ecosystem of international education. We are not only providing Huijia students and teachers with quality and safe catering services, but also emphasizing that our services are embedded with people-focused service philosophy and provided with more responsible and engaging possibilities."

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