Shanghai, September 2, 2021 – Sodexo, the world leader in Quality of Life Services announced its new roadmap of group catering by accelerating food transformation, with an aim to provide consumers with diverse, customized and seamless dining experiences.

"At Sodexo, we are committed to enhancing people's quality of life, and food stands for an important part of various life scenarios," said Martin Boden, President of Sodexo Greater China. "Improving people's life quality through catering services has always been one of the goals that we devote ourselves to. With global experience and insights accumulated in the Chinese market, Sodexo works to meet the evolving needs of our clients and consumers by offering them customized food services and unforgettable dining experiences."

Workplace dining experience has become one of the key drivers of employee engagement and corporate productivity

Taking a typical scenario – the workplace as an example, unique dining experiences have become one of the key drivers of employee engagement and corporate productivity. A Sodexo survey on global executives in human resources, operations, procurement and food/facilities services finds that 86% of the business leaders believe health and well-being are of growing importance to employees. As a crucial part of the workplace experience, an enjoyable work meal not only satisfies employees' need for good food but also re-energizes them to work more efficiently. 

Food transformation: Create diverse dining experiences

According to the Sodexo survey, 78% of the companies surveyed, regardless of their sizes, agree that they will seek to create an innovative dining model in the future. Based on the needs of clients and consumers, Sodexo's food transformation in China will focus on creating seamless dining experiences across scenarios, as Sodexo will evolve from a catering service provider into a dining experience manager by:


  • Digitizing staff dining rooms with the aid of innovative digital tools and big data
  • Leveraging smart cooking technologies to offer diners high-standard and high-quality dishes prepared fast
  • Investing in innovative intelligent equipment beyond traditional dining model and constraints to deliver better dining experiences
  • Investing in central kitchens to optimize food making, management, serving and delivery cost-effectively as clients expect

Sustainable development is a top priority

According to the Sodexo survey, 73% of the business leaders believe that sustainability strategies and practices are of growing importance to businesses. In the meantime, green initiatives, such as the plastic ban and the carbon neutrality goal, are pushing the catering sector to evolve. Under its corporate responsibility strategy "Better Tomorrow 2025", Sodexo is leading the sustainable development of catering and facilities management services.

Sodexo is deploying WasteWatch, a food waste prevention system, in a number of staff canteens that it operates. This system can help substantially reduce food waste in the kitchen based on intelligent analysis of data collected in real-time. Furthermore, under its responsible sourcing principles, Sodexo purchases certified sustainable coffee beans and aquatic products and avoids using single-use plastic products. 

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