Sodexo has received the Tech for Good award at the 6th annual eCAC40 Ceremony organized by Les Echos. This award recognizes how Sodexo’s digital transformation is driving sustainable and responsible growth, especially when it comes to food waste.

The eCAC40 evaluates the digital competitiveness of CAC 40 companies, analyzing their digital performance and their ability to transform in this digital age. Entering the eCAC40 ranking in 2017 as #27, this year Sodexo has strongly progressed, taking the #10 position. Sodexo also received a special recognition, winning the Tech for Good award.   

Belen Moscoso Del Prado, Sodexo Chief Digital & Innovation Officer explains:

“At Sodexo, we believe that tech not only helps accelerate growth, it also helps accelerate more sustainable growth and elevates the positive impact of our business. We are convinced that enhancing our digital capabilities will improve our employee wellbeing, reduce our environmental footprint and help our customers make informed and responsible choices. Our digital transformation is a journey – a journey in which engaging both technological and human evolution is key. The Tech for Good award is a great recognition of the progress we’ve made enhancing our positive impact.” 

Technology is at the heart of our fight against food waste

As a leading actor in the food services industry, serving 100 million people every day, the fight against food waste is a top priority for Sodexo. The company has committed to reducing food waste by 50% in its entire value chain by 2025. Leveraging technology will be key in reaching this ambitious objective.

For instance, Sodexo announced the global launch of its data-driven food waste prevention program WasteWatch powered by Leanpath in May 2019. Using the program, Sodexo teams can rapidly and easily capture food waste data, giving clear insights into what is being wasted in their kitchens and why. With this new understanding, teams can implement targeted operational and behavioral changes to help end avoidable food waste, whether food waste is generated in the kitchen or by consumers.  At the pilot sites, this program has prevented on average 50% of food being wasted. 

Technology gives the power back to the consumers

Sodexo knows that consumers are becoming more and more concerned about the impact of their food choices, whether on their health or on the planet. They expect more transparency and technology can help provide more information on the food choices made.  Today, thanks to apps such as Mindful, Wandoo or SoHappy, Sodexo can stay connected to its consumers, keep them up to speed on the latest news and menu items, and provide ingredient lists and allergy warnings. 

Technology is a training and loyalty tool for our talent

A successful digital transformation for Sodexo depends on training and engaging its employees globally to be able to take an active role in the transformation. Therefore, Sodexo is training its workforce to use new digital technologies to ensure that they have the skills to thrive in the jobs of tomorrow. Virtual reality has been introduced into kitchen safety training at Sodexo with proven results in decreasing the number of accidents. The innovative e-learning platform, the Digital Passport, is available to provide employees with a well-rounded vision of today’s digital world, along with useful skill-sets and tools to advance, thus amplifying engagement and integration.

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