Shanghai, August 29, 2022 – Sodexo, the global leader in the services to improve the quality of life, has successfully renewed its contract with People's Hospital of Wuhan University (hereinafter referred to as PHWU), one of the largest and most influential hospitals with the longest history in Hubei province. PHWU once again chooses to work with Sodexo.

Sodexo will continue to provide comprehensive and diversified catering services for over 7,000 employees and around 10,000 patients of PHWU.

People's Hospital of Wuhan University, also known as People's Hospital of Hubei Province, is No.1 Clinical College of Wuhan University. Established in 1923, it is the first public hospital funded by the government in Hubei, one of the first Grade III Level A hospitals in China, a key demonstrative hospital built by the people's government of Hubei province, a National Civilization Model Unit, a National Advanced Unit of Spiritual Civilization Construction, a National Labor Award winner, and a National Advanced Unit in Fighting against the COVID-19 Pandemic. The hospital ranked No.11 among the country's most influential hospitals in 2020, with its China Science and Technology Evaluation Metrics ranking among the top 20 hospitals, and its scientific and technological output ranking No.3.

With the pandemic becoming a norm, it has a profound and lasting impact on the development of the hospital's management, and the physical and mental health of the employees and patients is getting more important in the long-term closed-loop management. People orientation and focus on the needs of customers and consumers have always been the values of service that Sodexo adheres to. It is Sodexo's responsibility and goal to improve the catering experience of PHWU's employees and patients, support the hospital to implement management of modern quality, and improve the hospital's environmental experience and refined management.

Active response, orderly meal supply during the closed-loop management

As a service partner of PHWU for 10 years, Sodexo has always maintained fast service response to the unforeseen circumstances in the hospital management. Since the outbreak of the pandemic in Wuhan, the Sodexo team has weathered the storm and gone through the four times of closed-loop management together with PHWU. During the closed-loop management periods, Sodexo stably and orderly supplied meals, and were able to deliver meals to each bed even at the peak hours when 7,000 people were dinning at the same time, providing medical staff and patients with quality catering services.


Empowering catering experiences – more than just serving food

With its rich international catering management experience and its professional teams, Sodexo is behind all the exciting events of PHWU, from the sports meet, employees' representative conference to the Chinese New Year Party for employees. In all these events, Sodexo provides thoughtful and creative services, such as building temporary coffee shops and other leisure areas and organizing rich and varied food festivals, constantly bringing unique catering experiences for PHWU. Meanwhile, Sodexo elaborately creates new scenes of multi-functional catering, and provides a vibrant dining space for doctors and patients that is convenient for them to interact with each other. Doctors and patients can use the space for gathering, work or rest.

Providing customized services to support the hospital's business development

As a leader in the global medical catering industry, Sodexo builds on its many years of experience in the global medical service area, and sticks to its scientific catering concepts and standard nutritious meal management system to provide diversified catering solutions to patients. For example, according to the dietary needs of the elderly and special patients of PHWU, Sodexo's on-site professional dietitians design standard menus of nutritious food, and conduct nutritional analysis of the patients' physical condition to adjust the menus regularly. In preparing meals, attention is paid to both complying with doctor's dietary instructions and meeting personalized nutritional needs of patients to help them to recover.


Shen Peixian, Director of Medical and Senior Care Business Unit of Sodexo Greater China, said, "We are happy to continue our journey with People's Hospital of Wuhan University after 10 years of cooperation. In our future services, we will continue to optimize our operational and innovation capabilities, and jointly create a new benchmark for hospital catering together with PHWU. Our successful cooperation with PHWU reflects Sodexo's commitment to developing the important strategic market of central China. By sharing our global resources and medical service practices, we will bring more resources and value to our partners."

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