Sogeres and Domitys have a common goal: resident satisfaction

Published on : 2/21/19
  • For almost 13 years, Sogeres, a Sodexo brand, has been working in partnership with Domitys to provide culinary services to all 80 of the group's senior living communities.

    Sodexo has managed the maintenance services in 40 communities since 2017.

    Domitys, comfort and safety for residents

    Each senior living community averages 110 to 140 apartments, ranging from studios to three-rooms.

    These communities are intended for independent seniors who wish to live in an apartment adapted to their age, to escape loneliness and to enjoy the many services offered in each community, such as a restaurant, laundry service, concierge services, wellness areas and beauty salons.

    We are growing rapidly. So far, Domitys has more than 80 communities in operation and we will open an average of 20 new communities per year starting in 2019. Sébastien Géhannin, Chief Operating Officer of the Domitys group.

    "We've been working with Sogeres’ culinary services for nearly 13 years. It was the Louverné contract, which I signed myself, that initiated our partnership. And more recently, we signed a framework contract for multi-technical maintenance activities."

    Sodexo Energy and Maintenance, whose purpose is to enhance the value of its clients' real estate assets, serves 40 Domitys communities.

    "These services are systematically implemented when new communities are opened. Operations are carried out prior to the opening and services are then provided, such as the annual overhaul of the boiler room, the maintenance of grease traps and ventilation hoods, the replacement of filters and the maintenance of swimming pools,” explains Lionel Bard, Director of Operations of Sogeres Residence Services.

    The goal is to contribute to the durability and longevity of the equipment, and to guarantee the comfort and safety of residents.

    We signed a framework agreement with Sodexo Energy and Maintenance for multi-technical maintenance activities.  Sébastien Géhannin, Chief Operating Officer of the Domitys group

    Each Domitys community has a restaurant which accommodates around one hundred people. Seniors can have lunch and dinner there seven days a week, if they wish.

    From the tablecloths and cloth napkins, to the suggestion of the day, the wine list and table service, everything is done to make all guests feel right at home!

    If the number one senior living community in France has chosen to call on Sogeres for all its culinary services, it is because they want to "offer high quality meals, consistently, in all our communities in the region," explains Sébastien Géhannin.

    "At Domitys, residents do not have to eat in the restaurant. Their apartments are equipped with a kitchen, so, seniors can dine in their home, if they wish. To attract our customers, we must therefore be good, consistent and provide high quality, reliable service all year round," he continues.

    The Sogeres team that operates each residence is made up of three to six employees. "When we open, we usually have about 20 place settings. Some residences can serve up to 200 meals a day," says Lionel Bard.

    However, success doesn't just happen by chance! Customers are satisfied because Sogeres and Domitys have been able to adapt the service to their expectations over the years.

    "There have been a lot of changes," notes Frédéric Burger, Director of Catering Operations at Domitys Group. "With Lionel, we have developed the service so that there is more quality in the selected products, more choice, more regionalization and seasonality in the menus, more freedom of initiative for our chefs..."

    A number of regional products were included on the menu and greater consideration was given to local sourcing. "For communities located by the sea, we started a process of sourcing from local fisheries and fish markets. This is a tremendous added value for our residents!"

    We wanted more choice, more regionalization and seasonality in the menus, more freedom and initiative for our chefs...Frédéric Burger, Director of Catering Operations, Domitys

    Resident satisfaction, a priority for everyone

    At the same time, monthly events, including theme nights, are held in communities.

    Residents can also participate in culinary workshops and take advantage of the chefs' experience to learn how to prepare old-fashioned recipes, sweets or desserts for special occasions. "This is something that I'm really happy with," says Frédéric Burger. "The partnership that we have established with Sogeres is essential, because it encourages us to progress and constantly improve. If we had a simple customer-supplier relationship, it wouldn't work."

    Domitys and Sogeres are pursuing the same goal- increasing customer satisfaction! "Today, the Sogeres’ teams are fully integrated into our communities. The teams are included in weekly briefings and have objectives to develop revenue. The teams are autonomous and motivated, and that gives us a lot of confidence in our daily work," concludes Sébastien Géhannin.